Visiting Hours & Information

Our Location & Directions

Visitors are always welcome at RRMC. There are three designated waiting areas. These areas are located at the main entrance of the hospital, the ER and on the Medical –Surgery (MS) Floor across from the nurse’s station.

Only two visitors are permitted in a patient’s room at a time. In some cases, a friend or family member may stay overnight in the patient’s room if it is a private room or a female visitor may stay in the female patient room or male visitor may stay with the male patient.

Recliners are available in the Medical Surgery waiting room. To stay overnight in the waiting room please request permission and an overnight pass from the Front Desk. Visitors will be asked to wear Visitor ID badges for identification. The Medical Surgery waiting room closes at 10 p.m. with lights out and all visitors are asked to leave if not staying overnight. Two (2) visitors per family may stay overnight. OB Patients or terminally ill family members who wish to remain after 9:00 p.m. visiting hours are over may relocate to another waiting area.