Specialty Clinic

The Specialty Clinic at Riverview Regional Medical Center is providing quality healthcare in your hometown. Located on the hospital campus in Building 3, we offer services from providers throughout the Middle Tennessee area. All appointments are made by calling the main office of your provider, if you have any questions you can also call the Specialty Clinic at (615) 735-5252.

Services and providers include:


Hearing Health Center

Fred Hutchenson
(615) 444–5425, 1st and 3rd Wednesday 1pm – 4pm


Centennial Heart

Timothy Kreth, MD | Todd Dorfman, MD | Taral Patel, MD
(615) 889–1968, Mondays 1pm – 4pm

St. Thomas Heart

Evans Kemp, MD | George Scoville, MD
(800) 345–5016, Alternating Tuesdays 9am – 4pm

Tennessee Heart

Stacey Brewingston, MD l Matthew Sample, MD

(931) 372-0405, Alternating Thursdays 9am - 5pm


Columbia Medical Group

Ira Stein, MD
(615) 342-5900, 1st and 3rd Thursday

General Surgery

Barrett Surgical Clinic

Nancy Barrett, MD
(615) 784-6784, Wednesdays  8am – 5pm (Building 2)


Middle Tennessee Nephrology

J. Mathews Joseph, MD
(615) 452-3250, 1st and 3rd Monday 8am - 12pm

Nephrology Associates

David Choma, MD
(615) 451-3929, 4th Wednesday 12pm - 4pm



Deloris Salibay, MD
(800) 759-6374, 1st and 3rd Tuesday 12pm - 4pm


Vanderbilt Eye Center

Jessica Mather, MD
(615) 453-5155, 2nd and 4th Fridays 8am - 5pm


Tennessee Orthopedics

Roy Terry, MD
(615) 449-0990, Thursdays 8am - 12pm


Tennessee Physical Medicine and Pain Management

Scott Baker, MD
(615) 257-0900, 2nd Thursdays 8am - 4pm

Keri Hollis, NP
(615) 257-0900, Wednesdays and Thursdays 8am - 4pm

Plastic Surgery

Phase 4 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery

Roosevelt Peebles, MD
(615) 320-9300, 1st and 3rd Monday 1pm - 5pm


Sumner Medical Group

Graham Frazier, DPM
(615) 328-3808, 1st, 2nd and 3rd Tuesdays 8am - 12pm


Frist Clinic

David Jarvis, MD
(615) 342-5900, 3rd Tuesday 12pm - 5pm


Urology Associates

Claude Workman, MD
(888) 329-7700, Every other Wednesday 8am - 5pm

Charles Gill, MD
(888) 329-7700, 2nd and 4th Mondays 9am - 12pm


Sumner Station

Megan McMauley, MD, FACE

(615) 328-3400, 2nd and 4th Tuesday 8am - 5pm

The Specialty Clinic
107 Healthcare Drive
Carthage, TN 37030
(615) 735-5252